TRU-URBAN – Mike Kalombo’s Golden Keyz (VSTi, KONTAKT, WAV) [Win x86 x64]

By | September 9, 2016

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Tru-Urban has released Mike Kalombo’s Golden Keyz, a new Kontakt Library featuring professional piano and keyboard phrases by producer Mike Kalombo (So So Def, Usher, Mariah Carey, Monica, Jermaine Dupri).

Golden Keyz is designed to give music producers, beat-makers and creators, maximum flexibility and control where they would normally be limited using musical phrases or loops. The library offers just under 200 loops and phrases played exclusively by producer Mike Kalombo using a variety of pianos, electric pianos, organs and clavs. Each phrase has been tempo synced, sliced and spread across the keyboard giving the producer maximum creative control over each phrase. Producers can trigger the phrases with one hand and instantly transpose each phrase on-the-fly, switch between effects to change the texture, or even flip the phrase into reverse with the other hand.

One of the features making Mike Kalombo’s Golden Keyz so unique is the Slice Point Editing. Access any point in the wave using the Slice Position Editor. Golden Keyz allows quick adjusting of every slice point for each phrase giving the user full creative control over how each phrase is sliced. Producers/beatmakers can go even further using the individual tuning for each slice to create unique compositions.

Golden Keyz also features a full suite of effects for shaping the sound of each phrase including multiple effect chains and master effects such as EQ, Compression, Delay, and more.


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