Sound ideas – Mix I Broadcast Music Library (Wav)

By | November 26, 2016

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Mix I Broadcast Music Library offers more than 10 hours of broadcast-ready imaging material with over 1,200 royalty free music tracks and a full CD of sound effects all on 10 compact discs. This royalty free music collection also contains 2 CDs of Production Elements, including: Logos, Work Parts, Promo ID Beds, Weather Themes, Sports Themes, Stingers, Newscaster Openers, Sweepers, Traffic Themes, Bumpers, Tags, Orchestra Hits & Stabs, Harp Music, Halloween Accents, Circus Accents, and Bugle Calls, Drum Hits & Rolls. This library is also available for download. A very versatile broadcast music package providing :60 :30 and stinger length production music in 13 high-demand categories – Mix I Broadcast Music Library.


  • 1,502 royalty free music tracks
  • Available on 10 Audio CDs or as a Download

Broadcast Music Tracks in 13 categories:

  • Easy Listening, Classical, Soft A/C, World
  • Sports, Pop, Rock, Dance, Country
  • New Country, Jazz, Comedy, Christmas

2 CDs of Production Elements including:

  • News, Weather and Traffic Themes
  • Logos, IDs, Working Parts

1 CD of general Sound Effects

Format: Wav stereo, 16 bits, 44100


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