Sound Ideas – The Great Big Whoosh DVD Combo (wav)

By | November 27, 2016

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This DVD ROM contains the complete contents of all five of our popular “The Big Whoosh” series, plus a bonus selection of more than a hundred extra whooshes and transitions – over 2,000 spectacular production elements in all!

Each element is provided in media friendly 16 bit 44.1 K Broadcast WAV files, and the disc also contains a full track listing in both Microsoft Excel™ and Adobe™ PDF formats. In addition, all of the WAV files have been embedded with improved metadata that is fully cross referenced for detailed and accurate searches in your asset management software.

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Alien Whooshes
Beds & Logos
Broken Sweeps
Buzz Sweeps
Complex Whooshes
Dark Elements
Dark Sweeps
Dark Whooshes
Flutter Whooshes
Fly Bys, Takeoffs & Landings
Gritty Raspy Whooshes
Hits & Impacts
Hollow Whooshes
Jet Whooshes
Metallic Whooshes
Phased Whooshes Plain Whooshes
Pulse Sweeps
Sci Fi FX
Sci Fi Sweeps
Sharp Sweeps
Sharp Whooshes
Signal Sweeps
Special FX
Spitting Whooshes
Squeals, Screeches & Rings
Static Sweeps
Stingers & Accents
Tube Whooshes
Turbulent Whooshes
Vox Whooshes
Whoosh Impacts
Whoosh Rewinds
Zaps & Blasts
Format: WAV
Quality: wav stereo, 16 bits, 44,100 kHz
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