Absolute Music Library – ABS101,103,107,110,112,113 (wav)

By | November 28, 2016

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ABS101 Horror-Fi
A myriad of the supernatural, mystery and discovery. Comical and light-hearted, yet mischievous. Spine-chillers, suspense and atmospheres of varying moods. Modern and traditional, with a selection of themes, melodies, backgrounds and stunning FX. This is the ideal album for many productions. Science, discovery, supernatural, the unexplained, children, comedy, etc.

ABS103 Urban Electroniko
Urban Elektroniko. The newest cuts from the old skool. This cutting-edge collection of genetically modified dance boasts vintage synths of the used-future, hybrid beats of the phatest pedigree and heavy melodies that will give serious weight to any production.

ABS107 Commercial Underground
A commercial fusion of Dark Ambient, Gothic, Urban, Stressed beats, atmospheres and FX.

ABS110 Commercial Heaven
A collection of music in varying styles to suit many types of productions. Vocal tracks, classical, orchestral, modern, traditional and much more.

ABS112 Electronic Beats Grooves
A cool, contemporary and commercial selection of Electronic Beats ‘n’ Grooves. A fusion of high-energy synths, laid back chilled, upbeat, fun, trendy, classy and determined.

ABS113 New Lifestyle
Contemporary, fresh, positive lifestyle collection of feel good, ultra cool grooves.


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