Hobby Horse Productions – Drums on Demand Vol.12: Contemporary Country (WAV)

By | November 28, 2016

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Filled with 1.8 gigs of pure songwritng inspiration, Contemporary Country features 1800 loops and hits in 24 super deep Song Sets® — our deepest volume ever! You’ll find everything from classic ballads, to train grooves (paddle balls), to shuffles, as well popular four-on-the floors. Plus, there are lots of crossover grooves; pop/rock style grooves so prevalent on today’s country charts. With radio-friendly grooves and sounds, Contemporary Country offers the depth of loops only our Studio Series can provide.

• No brushes on this volume (we are saving these for a future, all-brushes volume)
• 1800 loops and single hits in 24 super-deep Song Sets®
• Ideal for country radio and crossover pop/rock
• 11 different snares, plenty of side-stick too
• 250+ megs of multi-velocity snare and single hits
• Extensive Loop Layers (read about Loop Layers here)
• Tempos ranging from 60-145 BPM
• High-end 44.1K mix
• Royalty-free
• Patent-Pending organization system

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060 BPM (Slow Train Chorus)
068 BPM (Under The Big Sky)
071 BPM (Down On The Farm)
074 BPM (Bar Room Brawl)
076 BPM (Hand Snare Verse)
079 BPM (Double Time Chorus)
080 BPM (Kinda Crossover)
082 BPM (Big Snare Odd Time)
086 BPM (California Country)
087 BPM (Down Home)
094 BPM (Down South)
099 BPM (Snare and Stix)
100 BPM (Music Row Rock)
102 BPM (Railroad Crossing)
105 BPM (Vintage Shuffle)
108 BPM (Boom Whack)
114 BPM (Crackin Snare)
116 BPM (Country And Of 2)
117 BPM (Franklin Four)
129 BPM (Nashville Shuffle)
130 BPM (Runaway Train)
137 BPM (Old Reliable)
145 BPM (Boomin Four On The Floor)
Single Samples Stereo
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