Presonus – Studio One Professional [Win.Mac x86 x64]

By | December 11, 2016

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Studio One – A full-featured sequencer (DAW) to create music that makes audio recording, the MIDI sequencing, and audio mastering simple, providing the user with many professional features.

The program is provided with not only all professional functions, which may be found in other similar programs, but also new developments that distinguish Studio One from other similar applications.
At the heart of Studio One operation is automatic switching mechanism between resolution and 32-bit computing 64-bit floating point, which takes place in real time.

That allows you to get excellent sound quality and compatibility with audio interfaces ASIO, Windows Audio, and Core Audio, including the entire line of PreSonus products. The program allows you to record and deal with editing and mixing music in a single window. Studio One supports ReWire plug-in formats, VST, AU, including the new


Extras. Info: added expand – Ampire XT Metal Pack v., PreSonus VU Meter v.1.0.1, Reference Manual Eng v.1.3.0, Softube Saturat.Knob v.1.3.13, Channel Strip Collection, Sound Set Builder + PreSonus Studio One Remote Installer

Year / Release Date: 09/06/2016
Version: 3.3.2 build 40899
Developer: Presonus
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Language: English + Russian
Medicine: Present
System requirements: Windows 7 x64 / x86 SP1 + platform update, Windows 8, 8.1, 10 x64 / x86
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD® Athlon ™ X2 processor (Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon X4 or better recommended)
Mac OS X 10.8.5 or higher Intel® Core ™ 2 Duo processor (Intel Core i3 or better recommended)
Mac and Windows systems: 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended) 30 GB hard-drive space
Monitor with 1366 x 768 resolution (high-dpi monitor recommended)
A multi-touch enabled monitor is required for touch operation

Version 3.3.2 Release Notes (November 29, 2016):
New features and improvements:
• PreSonus FaderPort 8 Integration
• Modulation wheel position is saved with the preset or song
• Removed notes overlay on non-Melodyned events
• Copy / Paste for VST-XML (Revoice Pro)
• Video Engine tweaks
• Plug-in editor does not close now when disabled via editor menu
• Copy audio event to new track also copies all takes / layers
• QWERTY Keyboard Remote Device access via CAPS lock
• Encoder remote control for pan and other controls is more usable now
• [macOS] MIDI port names are more readable now
• Copy automation via copy and paste events
• Plug and play for Windows USB MIDI devices (Reconnect is automatically initiated
when plugging in USB MIDI device.)
• MIDI program change for VST3 plug-ins
• Templates for StudioLive AR mixers
The following issues have been fixed:
• Browser not scanning Sound Sets in subfolders
• Lockup when pushing corresponding number on keyboard for Select Alternative Tool
• Event content is drawn outside event boundaries on tracks & layers
• Studio One will ask to use audio device that’s never been connected
• Not possible to insert a send effect to multiple selected channels
• Crash after recording Instrument part
• Crash after Glue Instrument Parts
• Quantize audio events / parts ignored first selected event per track
• Studio One crash in Rewire mode
• Artist picture has color tint when using CMYK JPGs
• [macOS] MTC out of sync with NLA Video Slave 3
• Presence XT does not store active key switch
• Melodyne Install Now link broken
• “Between each Marker” export bug
• Writing Automation with the Range Tool will affect everything during playback
• Instrument editor is stealing focus when open
• Part Automation changes without user action
• Crash on close all
• Wrong pre / post fader icon on main channel
• Crash when closing Studio One while updating
• No “missing samples” dialog after drag & drop of presets to the layer list
• [ARA] No UNDO in Studio One for tempo changes in Melodyne
• Copy single automation node not working
• Z key (American Keyboard) activates Y key on QWERTY Keyboard
• Disabling first insert on instrument channel disables Note FX
• Video Player fixes for Windows and macOS
• Auditioning MIDI files in Browser not working
• Alt + Drop FX to Send panel does not respect multi-selection
• Filtering loops by category can take very long
• [Win] Moving plug-in windows between different monitor DPIs broken


Installing Studio One 3
Attention! If you activate the program with enabled network, and should be run when switched on. And vice versa. Otherwise, the license will “fly”.

1. Install the program and to block her access to the Internet.
2. Close the program if it is open
– Run the keygen
– Press the button to patch keygen and Studio One.exe specify the file in the program folder
– Not close keygen
3. Run the program
– Close Presonus Login box (the X in the upper right corner)
– In a new window, press the bottom of the Activate Offline
– Press the right side of the Activation Code (paragraph 2) Copy button to copy the code to the Windows clipboard
– Go to the window keygens and paste the code from the clipboard (right click -> Paste or ctrl + v)
– Clean lines User Name and Computer Name, and write on them with any information .. Otherwise, it will generate an error “invalid license file”.
– Press the button to generate and save the license file to any folder. Choose a 3-step “select license file” and specify the Studio One 3 Professional.license license file. Or drag and drop the license file on the registration screen
Do not select Activate! Select> Select Licence File and select the license (Licence File) Goldbaby Essentials file (where the license files are located, only you know which folder or on the desktop). Then you will see the same message, but it is written that the two pack is not activated. Select> Select Licence File and select the license file (Licence File) VU Meter (where the license files are located, only you know which folder or on the desktop). Then you will see the same message, but it will be written that Shout pack is not activated. Select> Select Licence File and select the license file (Licence File) Ampire XT Metal Pask (where the license files, only you know which folder or on the desktop). Then you will see a message that the activation was successful.



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