PrestoKeys Pro 1.12 [Win x86]

By | January 6, 2017

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Welcome to PrestoKeys – the ultimate piano trainer! Learn how to play piano, read music and rapidly improve your piano skills through this fully customizable and interactive program that caters for those who have never touched a piano in their lives, to even the most expert pianist!

With PrestoKeys you can learn to read music or improve your reading speed in no time. Simply use your mouse, computer keyboard or if you ‘go pro’, you can plug in a MIDI compatible keyboard to start playing.

With PrestoKeys, you can…
– Learn how to play piano
– Learn to read music
– Have fun while practising piano
– Improve your music sight reading speed
– Improve your musical note recognition speed
– Learn to read solfa from the staff*
– Use a midi piano to practise on your computer*
– Learn to play songs from midi files
– Have a personal piano trainer any time you like
– Receive crucial feedback for rapid improvement
… And so much more!


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