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Groove3 – Digital Performer 8 Explained [ENG]

By | March 5, 2017

Eli will show you all of the audio and MIDI recording, quantization, editing, instrument tracks and V-rack, punch-in recording folder track and the group recording multi-track drums and recording with real-time effects and much more. Organization of training programs, which will give your products a professional sound. Manufacturer: Groove3 Author: Eli Krantzberg Duration: about 6 hours Type of… Read More »

Computer Music – Special CM61 Epic Fx + Content Disk [ENG]

By | January 2, 2017

Computer Music Special is a bi-monthly magazine from the creators of Computer Music. Computer Music Specials help you get to grips with wide ranging music topics, including top production techniques, sampling, popular software, sequencers, and tips on how to make it in the music industry. Computer Music Specials surrounds you in musical knowledge and inspiration from all genres,… Read More »